Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren
Publisher(s) Raw Fury, Steam
Released 2017
Genre Platformer, Puzzle
Platform(s) Linux, macOS, Steam, Switch, Windows
Input Gamepad, Keyboard

Uurnog is a 2D adventure-puzzle game created by Nicklas Nygren, announced in February 2017 and released in March. It features algorithmic music and AI characters, with additional music by D Fast and art by Corinne Cadalin.

Gameplay Edit

In Uurnog the player has to capture various creatures and bring them to the Save Room. There are 6 characters to choose from, and they have no innate abilities other than jumping and interacting with various objects and creatures, which may be held, carried, thrown or stored in the player's inventory.

The combination of using different objects and creatures to traverse obstacles and solve puzzles forms the core of the gameplay; every pickable item and entity has different properties and can be used to perform special functions. Some objects/creatures also confer a special ability upon the player simply by being held by the character, such as birds which decrease the falling speed, allowing the character to glide around.

The player can get injured twice at most, before spawning back at the Save Room. "Dying" resets the world and puzzles outside of the Save Room, as well as the number of coins the player characters had been carrying. Coins are used for picking up certain items that have a price denoted on them, effectively purchasing them. The player may also manually reset and respawn at any time, which may be required when certain puzzles get stuck in an unsolvable state.

Development Edit

Uurnog was announced in February 2017, and released in March exclusively on the Humble Store. It was later released as ``Uurnog Uurnlimited`` on Steam for macOS and Windows, and on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch in November.

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